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Export size

generated by export-size
version: 9.1.0
date: 2022-08-13T04:10:16.215Z

Please note this is bundle size for each individual APIs (excluding Vue). Since we have a lot shared utilities underneath each function, importing two different functions does NOT necessarily mean the bundle size will be the sum of them (usually smaller). Depends on the bundler and minifier you use, the final result might vary, this list is for reference only.


createFetch3.08 kB
useDark3.02 kB
useColorMode2.86 kB
useFetch2.85 kB
useMediaControls2.75 kB
useLocalStorage2.19 kB
useSessionStorage2.19 kB
useThrottledRefHistory2.17 kB
useStorage2.16 kB
useDebouncedRefHistory2.12 kB
useUrlSearchParams1.98 kB
useInfiniteScroll1.96 kB
useParallax1.96 kB
useTimeAgo1.93 kB
useRefHistory1.91 kB
useStorageAsync1.83 kB
useVirtualList1.76 kB
useGamepad1.73 kB
useWebSocket1.7 kB
useScroll1.68 kB
useDraggable1.68 kB
useTransition1.66 kB
useDevicesList1.63 kB
useScreenSafeArea1.57 kB
useMagicKeys1.57 kB
useMouseInElement1.56 kB
usePointer1.55 kB
useElementBounding1.54 kB
useSwipe1.53 kB
usePointerSwipe1.52 kB
useFullscreen1.48 kB
useWebNotification1.48 kB
useIdle1.43 kB
useClipboard1.41 kB
useDevicePixelRatio1.41 kB
useTitle1.41 kB
useBase641.39 kB
useBreakpoints1.38 kB
useTextDirection1.38 kB
useWebWorkerFn1.37 kB
useOnline1.37 kB
useNetwork1.35 kB
onClickOutside1.34 kB
useFileSystemAccess1.32 kB
usePermission1.3 kB
useMouse1.29 kB
useScriptTag1.29 kB
useSpeechSynthesis1.28 kB
useWakeLock1.27 kB
useElementSize1.27 kB
useBattery1.27 kB
onKeyPressed1.27 kB
onKeyUp1.27 kB
onKeyDown1.26 kB
useOffsetPagination1.26 kB
useSpeechRecognition1.25 kB
useScreenOrientation1.25 kB
onStartTyping1.24 kB
useImage1.24 kB
useVibrate1.23 kB
useScrollLock1.23 kB
useTimestamp1.23 kB
useTextSelection1.22 kB
useElementVisibility1.22 kB
useDeviceMotion1.21 kB
useFocus1.21 kB
useMousePressed1.21 kB
useEventSource1.21 kB
useNow1.21 kB
useUserMedia1.2 kB
onLongPress1.2 kB
useDeviceOrientation1.2 kB
useResizeObserver1.19 kB
useBluetooth1.18 kB
useMutationObserver1.18 kB
useBrowserLocation1.17 kB
useNavigatorLanguage1.17 kB
useDropZone1.16 kB
useWindowSize1.16 kB
onKeyStroke1.16 kB
useFocusWithin1.14 kB
useMemory1.14 kB
useIntersectionObserver1.14 kB
useManualRefHistory1.14 kB
useKeyModifier1.13 kB
usePageLeave1.11 kB
usePreferredColorScheme1.1 kB
useGeolocation1.1 kB
useDisplayMedia1.1 kB
useWindowScroll1.1 kB
useVModels1.09 kB
usePreferredReducedMotion1.09 kB
useStyleTag1.09 kB
useActiveElement1.08 kB
useDocumentVisibility1.07 kB
useWindowFocus1.07 kB
usePreferredLanguages1.07 kB
useBroadcastChannel1.07 kB
useVModel1.06 kB
usePreferredDark1.06 kB
useElementByPoint1.05 kB
useElementHover1.05 kB
useAsyncState1.04 kB
useFps1.04 kB
useStepper1.03 kB
useMediaQuery1.02 kB
useShare1.02 kB
useAsyncQueue1.02 kB
useTimeoutPoll1.02 kB
useMemoize1 kB
useEventListener997 B
useCssVar990 B
useConfirmDialog985 B
useFileDialog978 B
asyncComputed960 B
computedAsync960 B
useEventBus948 B
useEyeDropper940 B
useCycleList931 B
useFavicon930 B
useRafFn928 B
useWebWorker927 B
mapGamepadToXbox360Controller911 B
templateRef905 B
useTextareaAutosize889 B
useObjectUrl884 B
StorageSerializers874 B
useSupported823 B
useCurrentElement813 B
computedInject803 B
DefaultMagicKeysAliasMap793 B
useTemplateRefsList793 B
useCached792 B
unrefElement783 B
breakpointsSematic780 B
useMounted777 B
createUnrefFn770 B
breakpointsAntDesign769 B
breakpointsBootstrapV5767 B
breakpointsTailwind763 B
breakpointsQuasar762 B
breakpointsVuetify754 B
getSSRHandler745 B
setSSRHandler743 B
defaultNavigator735 B
defaultLocation732 B
defaultDocument731 B
defaultWindow731 B
SwipeDirection724 B
TransitionPresets723 B


VOnClickOutside7.75 kB
vOnClickOutside7.75 kB
vScroll7.53 kB
vOnKeyStroke7.52 kB
vElementSize7.52 kB
vElementVisibility7.51 kB
vElementHover7.5 kB
VOnLongPress7.5 kB
vOnLongPress7.5 kB
vIntersectionObserver7.49 kB
vInfiniteScroll7.48 kB
UseDraggable7.48 kB
UseEyeDropper7.47 kB
UseFullscreen7.47 kB
UseDeviceOrientation7.46 kB
UseDevicesList7.46 kB
UseOnline7.46 kB
UseGeolocation7.46 kB
UseMouseInElement7.46 kB
UseColorMode7.46 kB
UsePreferredDark7.46 kB
UseTimestamp7.46 kB
OnLongPress7.46 kB
UseNetwork7.46 kB
UseBrowserLocation7.46 kB
UseActiveElement7.46 kB
UseMousePressed7.46 kB
OnClickOutside7.45 kB
vScrollLock7.45 kB
UsePreferredLanguages7.45 kB
UseDocumentVisibility7.45 kB
UseElementVisibility7.45 kB
UseTimeAgo7.45 kB
UseWindowSize7.45 kB
UseBattery7.45 kB
UsePointer7.45 kB
UseObjectUrl7.45 kB
UsePageLeave7.45 kB
UseIdle7.44 kB
UseMouse7.44 kB
UseDark7.44 kB
UseWindowFocus7.44 kB
UseVirtualList7.44 kB
UseScreenSafeArea7.42 kB
UseElementBounding7.42 kB
UseNow7.41 kB
UsePreferredReducedMotion7.41 kB
UseDevicePixelRatio7.41 kB
UseElementSize7.41 kB
UseImage7.4 kB
UsePreferredColorScheme7.4 kB
UseDeviceMotion7.4 kB
UseOffsetPagination7.4 kB


useToFixed300 B
useProjection278 B
useMath274 B
useAverage273 B
useSum270 B
useMin266 B
createProjection264 B
useMax261 B
useClamp259 B
usePrecision246 B
createGenericProjection210 B
and204 B
logicAnd204 B
useTrunc204 B
useCeil202 B
logicOr201 B
or201 B
useRound200 B
useAbs199 B
useFloor199 B
logicNot192 B
not192 B


default671 B


useRouteQuery461 B
useRouteParams454 B
useRouteHash185 B


useAxios1.4 kB
useAsyncValidator1.2 kB
useDrauu957 B
createCookies771 B
useCookies730 B
useFocusTrap681 B
useFuse490 B
useNProgress462 B
useChangeCase447 B
useJwt359 B
useQRCode339 B


useSubject310 B
useObservable279 B
useSubscription222 B
fromEvent210 B
from153 B
toObserver88 B


useFirestore506 B
useRTDB287 B
useAuth164 B


useIpcRenderer535 B
useZoomFactor393 B
useZoomLevel358 B
useIpcRendererOn336 B
useIpcRendererInvoke303 B


watchTriggerable987 B
throttledWatch824 B
watchThrottled824 B
debouncedWatch786 B
watchDebounced786 B
ignorableWatch763 B
watchIgnorable763 B
useDateFormat734 B
pausableWatch714 B
watchPausable714 B
until653 B
useInterval638 B
useTimeout621 B
watchAtMost561 B
toRefs525 B
controlledRef523 B
refWithControl516 B
computedEager468 B
eagerComputed468 B
formatDate458 B
refThrottled454 B
throttledRef454 B
useThrottle454 B
makeDestructurable430 B
watchWithFilter421 B
debouncedRef415 B
refDebounced415 B
useDebounce415 B
reactiveOmit407 B
useThrottleFn400 B
useIntervalFn394 B
reactifyObject374 B
useDebounceFn368 B
useTimeoutFn347 B
reactiveComputed342 B
normalizeDate332 B
computedWithControl330 B
controlledComputed330 B
extendRef330 B
watchArray330 B
toReactive320 B
autoResetRef315 B
refAutoReset315 B
syncRef315 B
throttleFilter313 B
debounceFilter289 B
createSharedComposable287 B
useToggle285 B
useToNumber278 B
useCounter258 B
createReactiveFn250 B
reactify250 B
useArrayReduce246 B
increaseWithUnit239 B
syncRefs236 B
createEventHook232 B
pausableFilter224 B
useArrayFindIndex220 B
useArrayFind218 B
useLastChanged218 B
useArrayJoin215 B
useArraySome215 B
set214 B
useArrayEvery210 B
useArrayFilter209 B
useArrayMap208 B
createSingletonPromise203 B
reactivePick201 B
createInjectionState200 B
__onlyVue3199 B
directiveHooks198 B
createGlobalState197 B
useToString195 B
createFilterWrapper193 B
objectPick193 B
refDefault193 B
tryOnBeforeMount192 B
tryOnMounted191 B
promiseTimeout189 B
resolveRef188 B
watchOnce187 B
tryOnScopeDispose183 B
get179 B
rand177 B
resolveUnref176 B
isWindow175 B
whenever174 B
tryOnBeforeUnmount173 B
tryOnUnmounted169 B
clamp165 B
containsProp165 B
isObject164 B
isDefined158 B
assert155 B
isBoolean151 B
now151 B
isFunction148 B
bypassFilter147 B
isString146 B
invoke145 B
isNumber145 B
timestamp145 B
noop144 B
isDef143 B
identity138 B
isIOS136 B
isClient133 B

Released under the MIT License.